Marsh Blues Club is pleased to welcome THE VEGAS SIX “Six steaming rockers, rooted in Yorkshire grit, kicking out pulsing Glam Blues and jabbing a sartorial finger in the eyes of innocent onlookers. Dishing up a slice of Las Vegas – dragged through the mill and the pit, they have a mutual appreciation of faded glamour, audience intimidation and aged whisky. Wielding their instruments and lyrical barrages with no self-regard, they spread the Rock n Roll gospel according to the old gods – like a communicable disease – with all the zeal of used car salesmen. Check your pulse, check your pockets too.” Christ, the heat! The venue is small and rammed. I’ve never seen walls sweat before, dripping like The Vegas Six who’ve just wound up a set of unapologetically straight-hitting raucous Glam Blues. Think Professor Longhair jamming with Beefheart and you’re there. They’re drinking deep from the Rock n Roll well and spraying the fresh result all over the place. Simple, not stupid. But “This ain’t no Kensington! or your other fancy places.” It’s Sheffield. I wonder how such a small area has contained six balls of fire. Bass and guitar are almost on top of each other with barely room to slap n strum. The drummer is penned in by sax and keys, good job too, with the singer thrashing and grinding around, oblivious to any boundaries – it’s all tension … emotional roulette, every one of them a loaded pistol. They look sharp too, like they’ve just finished a shift at Caesar’s Palace circa ‘75. I never felt safe for a second. They clearly had a good time. Set over. Vegas, the eponymous frontman, slides off the stage freewheel-struts straight for the bar. Dishevelled and dank. He’s greeted by well-wishers, there’s hand shaking and back-slapping. He asks for whisky, of course. I move in on him, ask him what it’s all about. He smiles. “Entertainment.” Simple. I’m caught out by the answer, I expected something else. “We’re just giving out a slice of Las Vegas – dragging it through the mill and the pit. We dress keen to be seen.” He tells me, “You’ve got to give people a good time … we all need to blow off steam. Us. Them. We want you to feel like you’ve really been out. Okay? Job done.” He smiles again, gets his drink and goes. Right now I feel like Little Richard has just passed through my local Working Men’s club. As they’ll tell you themselves, “It’s All Going On.” ‘The Vegas Six’ – Dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll at it’s finest
———-  Support from The Wolftones Blues Power featuring Ricky Comisky
Info to follow
Tickets £6 / £8
Tickets available Online or from Vinyl Tap Records (Huddersfield); Keith Dawson Music (Marsh) or Cus on 07766743276
Doors 7:30pm, on stage at 8:00pm.
Late bar serving draught real ale and a selection of lagers, fine wines and spirits.
Plenty of free on site car parking.


Location: Marsh Blues Club, Edgerton Road, Marsh, Huddersfield, HD1 5RA